MikrotikMinute.com is a “How To” website for Mikrotik Router Board and RouterOS enthusiasts who want detailed programming information on various network scenarios. RouterOS is a very powerful router language platform (some say too powerful) and Mikrotik is the ‘go to’ router that uses it exclusively. I’ll include several screen shots, reasons why things were programmed in a certain way, variations on how to achieve a particular result, a joke now and then and so on. Oh yeah, and I do a lot of hosted VoIP stuff with Yealink and Snom phones so you will see how the Mikrotik’s play a role in provisioning and doing certain “trick stuff” to get things working.

From time to time, I’ll bring in (maybe ‘drag in’ would be more accurate, router guys don’t have the best social skills) other top notch Mikrotik programmers to share their knowledge and experiences. With a little help from my website developer guy – Jeff – we may even be able to give you a “download PDF” link so you can share this information with friends and relatives. They would make a great ‘ice-breaker’ for those numerous first dates you probably have – they may even lead to second dates …. but I digress. Comments, questions and, on rare occasion, suggestions or corrections are welcome. There is even a YouTube and Facebook link – in my mind – on the road map!

So who is MikrotikMinute.com for?

Beginners? Maaaaybe …..

Intermediate level RouterOS guys? Yup!

High Level types that know more than me? Only if you’re not trying to be an Alpha Geek.

Guys in the field who actually have to make this stuff work for clueless bosses, sales departments and/or customers with unrealistic expectations? Definitely!

My info – I have worked with Mikrotiks for years and have gone through formal training with Steve Discher author of “RouterOS by Example” and owner of ISPSupplies in College Station, TX. Having completed (and passed) his MTCNA, MTCRE, MTCTCE courses, I can tell you that he is a great instructor – very direct and on point. Also got my Wireshark WCNA certification from Laura Chappell a few years back – awesome instructor and writer and very, very thorough. And this whole journey started with my Cisco training for the CCNA in 2000. At the time, my friends thought I was studying to be a certain type of CPA! They would ask “What’s a router?” “Isn’t the Internet still experimental?” and so on. Hard to believe but true! To that end, if you have questions like this and more …. well, how did you get here?

If you know the answers and have more questions, read on!